Friday, May 12, 2006

My inspiration

Some of you may wonder..

Where does a storyboard artist, concept artist, illustrator type guy come from?...

I submit for your perusal......


New Logo

Quote o the day

Quote ‘o the day…

::: Richard Avedon :::
I do dream about art, and images come to me in dreams. I am definitely hoping to be in touch with my subconscious. I expect a call any minute.

C ‘ya!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Production Update 5/10/06

Production Update 5/10/2006

1) I am currently working on an unannounced motion picture. Pre-visualization starts this week, and will continue through the summer most likely. It’s a fantastic film, and one I am very excited to be a part of!! Details and information on this project to be released at a later date….

2) I am producing concept illustration/pre-production for 2 unannounced video games that are in the very early stages and will be ongoing for upcoming months.

3) Work will resume on my personal project in the next few weeks. 1st as a comic book story, which will later be used as pre-production art for a short film. Look for more info on this in upcoming blogs as well.

More later!