Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday update post

Monday! Gotta love it right?

This is just an update post, some general stuff, and more general stuff....

Last weekend my mother and fater in-law visited for a few days. We went to Wilmington for a few days since they had never been to the Atlantic ocean. They live in California so thier only beach experience has been cold ones up to this point. They were happily suprised at the water temp out here in NC. We also went to the battleship NC and did the walk through tour. I highly reccommend this tour and the battleship is quite inpressive. Just thinking what those men went though on a day to day basis is incredible! Go do the tour when you can!

I'm fielding some new storyboarding assignmets. Good projects, and new clients so I'm very excited if they come through. Its still early in the game, just quoting presently, and working out details.

I finished the first draft of my personal project. A comic book story called "Time and time again". I'm going to do all the writing and illustration work on this one, so I'm excited! Spoke with publisher Desperado Publishing, and they are interested in publishing it when it is done. Hopefully that will be in a decent timeframe. Looks like it will cover about 5-6 of illustrated pages to tell the short story, so that isn't too intensive and as long as I have time I should have it done soon.

That's it! More later!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Artistic quote 'o the day

I can't always reach the image in my mind.. almost never, in fact.. so that the abstract image I create is not quite there, but it gets to the point where I can leave it.

~Paul Klee~

so true.......tell them Mr. Klee....

FilmSynergy interview live!

My latest interview for FilmSynergy is now live!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NC Film incentives update!


GOV. EASLEY ANNOUNCES NEW FILM INDUSTRY INCENTIVES Move is Designed to Increase State’s Competitiveness in an Industry Vital to N.C.’s Economy

RALEIGH – Gov. Mike Easley has authorized a provision to provide tax credits to companies that produce movies or television series in North Carolina. The film incentive package, included in the budget he signed on Saturday, is designed to help North Carolina remain a top competitor in the movie and television industry.

“North Carolina has been very successful in bringing filmmakers to our state,” Easley said. “Last year alone, the film industry contributed $235 million in direct spending. This new economic development tool will make North Carolina even more attractive as a location for film production as global competition increases.”

That $235 million economic contribution was enough for North Carolina to retain its No. 3 ranking in U.S. film production behind California and New York. The 17 feature films, 71 television projects, and countless TV commercials shot here in 2004 generated 20,000 production jobs for North Carolinians.

The incentives, which are expected to cost about $5.4 million a year, allow a production company that spends at least $250,000 in the state to receive a tax credit equal to 15 percent for all the goods, services and labor it purchases in North Carolina. The maximum a company can receive is $7.5 million for a feature film, which would require an investment of $50 million.

The new incentives, which were proposed by Sen. Julia Boseman (D-New Hanover) and approved by the General Assembly, have already helped NBC decide to make a new television series, Surface, in the Wilmington area, and contributed to the announcement that Will Farrell will star in a NASCAR comedy to be filmed in Charlotte.

For more information about film production in North Carolina, contact the N.C. Film Office at (919) 733-9900 or visit its website at

Thursday, August 11, 2005 interview

Hi all! I just finished a new interview for
It should be up soon!
Check it out when you can :-)



....takes up more of my time than she should :-). Shes a toy rat terrier or "kick toy" as most people call them. If you have a big dog, you call them..."lunch". *Most likely taken when I should have been drawing *

Comic book project

Maybe you are interested, most possibly not, but hey, I'm starting work on another personal project. The first one in quite a while to be completely honest. I rarely draw as I should in my downtime (a good artist draws constantly in spare time with a sketch book etc.), because the constant demand of my day to day commercial art saps most my my creative flow. But, this time it's for comic books. I had an idea that's been rattling around in my head for a little while now, and I'm finally getting the motivation (and time) to start it. Nothing too intensive, I'm thinking a 8-10 page story after all is said and done. Its a "jail break" story an theory, but as usual with my stories, theres something extra..... I'll probably do it as a stark black and white pen and ink project. Maybe I'll do monotone work over it if I get the gumption after its drawn. We will just have to see. Its still sort of nebulous, but I'm now getting a handle on it. I finished breaking down all the plot points and the frame of the story. Now I have to go back and do revision, and give it the meat. I started thumbnail layouts for some of the pages already. I am not setting a deadline for myself for this one, as it's a personal project and one that I don't want to feel confined to a strict deadline. So dont' write me and say "hey, what happened to....." It'll be done when its done :-). Of course paying jobs have the focus, this is just something I'm doing strictly for kicks and giggles. I'll shop it around to publishers after its done. If it sees the light of day in a book fine, if not fine as well. It'll be nice to revisit the comic book industry once again after a few years away from it; especially without the hellacious deadlines inherant with comics production or the "draw more like so-and-so because hes popular and the kids love his new 'psudo-anime inspired-cutting edge regurgitation of regurgitation of just downright bad draftsmanship' drawing style" attitudes. What happened to the guys that COULD draw....Al Williamson, Alex Toth, Reed Crandall, Hal Foster and so many others? Gibberish I tell 'ya, and one I have thankfully washed myself of. Having said that though, sequential illustration is my love and always has been. I guess thats why I love storyboarding and concept so much. It is so similar to comics and yet so different in so many ways. My character animation? mmmmm........well yeah thats cool too. I like it.... but its more of a "third arm" to my work. With animation, I like the act of 'acting' and telling a story through poses and actions, and the subtleties of the animation art form. When all is said and done, and you strip down my work, it's the basics. The magic of the storytelling process, and the problemsolving it poses that keeps me driven and pushing my art. Always setting goals for myself, usually ones that are just out of reach. But that makes you a better artist. Always pushing, always learing, most importaintly always observing life.

Enough already....



Quote 'o the day

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.
~Leonardo da Vinci~

Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.
~Edgar Degas~

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NC Film incentives update!

This information was posted yesterday on the BringBackNCFilm website.

Tuesday August 9th - In an nut shell.....The House approves the budget by 1 thin vote. But due to the amount of State Employee Raises causes Governor Easly to threaten a Veto, which sends the Budget back to the House.

For those of you interested in the wording of the Film Incentive package as it exists in the budget... Look on Page 339 (Section 39.1.(a)) Click here for a PDF of the Budget as it stands now.


Monday, August 08, 2005

First Post/update

Ok! Welcome to my site! On to the first post!!

I've been super busy lately! I just completed 6 painted concepts for the upcoming NBC television show "SURFACE"! What a blast that was and I'm looking forward to working with them again soon! Just finished storyboards for a new industry text/reference book "Storyboards: Motion in art" published by Focal Press, and written by Mark Simon. It will be out in the fall, so go to your local book store and check it out! Im also doing storyboards, set and prop designs for the new video game that I'm working on which unfortunately I cant reveal as of yet. Also, my last game "Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike" is out on the shelves as of this week. I was the lead storyboard artist and lead cinematic character animator on that one. I'm in the process of updating my personal website, which will be much more all inclusive with examples of my work. Ill be sure to let you know when its complete. Thats it! Back to the drawin' board!